How to set up your own DNS-Server

First of all you will have to consider, which server software you want to use.
There are many different versions of a DNS-Server available.
For this guide I will focus on Bind9 as a versatile and reliable DNS-Software.

I highly recommend checking out this guide on how to configure Bind9 on a linux distribution by Exosunandnet.

Installing Bind9

Before configuring Bind9 we have to install it!
Simply do

sudo apt-get install bind9

After installing Bind9 try to locate the configuration files. They can usually be found at '/etc/bind/'.
There you will find all necessary configuration files including 'named.conf', 'named.conf.local', 'named.conf.options'.
Make sure your system is updated before you proceed.

Basic Configuration

First let's open the 'named.conf' configuration file.
It will use 'include' statements to configure your Bind9 installation.
We will do the same!

Required Files

The most important files for configuring your Bind9 installation are the above mentioned conf files.
To start the configuration open the 'named.conf.options' file.
It includes the 'options' block as well as other important settings like for example logging options.