Server Information

Here you can find information about our servers.
The location of our servers as well as whom we trust with server hosting.

What do our servers provide?

Our servers provide services via port 53, the standard dns protocol. DoH on port 443. DoT on port 853.
The servers are configured to use the DH-Key-Exchange, as well as strong cipher suites for high security.
Queries are rate limited to protect against attacks, however this should not impact your experience usually.
To configure DoT use, please. For DoH use
We do not disable DNSSEC at any point in time!
If you notice there is something wrong or have problems, let the DNS Admin know please.
If you experience high latency for your DNS replies, use, or choose a specific DNS server yourself, please.
The servers are reachable by their names, like for instance '', for all services.
The .net domain contains all servers on all records, unlike the country specific domains (See below for server locations).

Servers And Supported Protocols

Server Name IPv4 IPv6 Domain Supported Protocols City
DNS1 2a01:4f8:221:e54::2 DNS, DoT, DoH Falkenstein, Sachsen, Germany
DNS2 2001:8d8:820:3a00::b:c47 DNS, DoT, DoH Berlin, Berlin, Germany
DNS3 2a01:4f8:172:1d2a::2 DNS, DoT, DoH Falkenstein, Sachsen, Germany
DNS4 2a01:4ff:f0:d66::1 DNS, DoT, DoH Ashburn, Virginia, USA
DNS5 2a01:4ff:1f0:e2f6::1 DNS, DoT, DoH Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
DNS6 2a00:da00:f20b:9700::1 DNS, DoT, DoH London, England, GB
DNS7 2a01:4f8:c0c:e514::1 DNS, DoT, DoH Nuernberg, Bayern, Germany

The servers are provided by Hetzner Online GmbH and IONOS SE.
All network traffic sent to/created on our servers is routed through their networks.

Check out our FAQ to see, how to set up the features (protocols) with your clients.

Protocol Overview

Protocol Name Short Name Port On our servers Enabled by default Usage
Domain Name System (User Datagram Protocol) DNS (UDP) 53 REQUIRED REQUIRED Standard
(DNS) Transmission Control Protocol (DNS) TCP 53 YES SHOULD Standard
DNS over Transport Layer Security DNS over TLS (DoT) 853 YES NO Encryption
DNS over Hypertext Transfer Protocol DNS over HTTPS (DoH) 443 YES BROWSER / NO Encryption
Diffie-Hellmann Key Exchange DH --- YES SHOULD Encryption
Domain Name System Security Extensions DNSSEC --- YES SHOULD Validation


Server Name Queries Req IPv4 Req IPv6 Cache IPv4 Cache IPv6 Req Dropped Clients (UDP) Responses

Entries that remain empty indicate that there is no data about it, or that it is zero.
If all servers have no entries at all, it may indicate that we are rolling out updates or just giving the software a fresh start.
However, that should rarely happen, as we want to ensure at least one (your backup) server is available to you at all times.
You are able to see which server has how many UDP clients active at the moment.
The more clients the higher the cache and request numbers will be.
This is just another way of allowing you to choose your preferred and optimal server, for your needs.
The statistics are udated frequently and should reflect the current server workload accurately.
Keep in mind though, this is not a server ranking! All servers are capable of responding to your requests.
Note: If there is a server with no data at all, it means that the server is unavailable at the moment.
In that case we are working on a quick solution to bring it back in service.